Clinical Sports massage is a form of deep, soft-tissue massage, which removes muscle tension to release toxins and improve blood and lymph flow. Not only will this reduce recovery time after an injury, but there’s recent evidence showing an improvement in performance, too. Perfect for athletes (at any level) as many sports injuries can be treated or even prevented. These range of techniques can also help with chronic illness, injuries and chronic pain.

Appointments: 60 mins £55

Deep Tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles). It’s the perfect massage for chronic aches and pain and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

Appointments: 60 mins £45 / 90 mins £65

Hydrotherm massage is a modern therapeutic massage treatment. Massage strokes, holds and stretches are performed while you recline on a warm water filled cushion, with support under your knees and head. This position allows your core muscles to relax, having a symbiotic effect on the mind and emotions, allowing you to “let go” of tension held within. Experience superior comfort and support with no need to turn over half way through, as commonly required with traditional massage treatments.Suitable for limited mobility and during pregnancy.

Appointments: 60 mins £45 / 90 mins £65

Relaxation massage eases away all the stresses of life.  Each therapist has their own unique way to relax, relieve stress and refresh the spirit.  A lovely introduction to massage.

Appointments: 60 mins £45 / 90 mins £65

Pregnancy. All the above massage treatments are suitable before / during / after Pregnancy (from 12 weeks).

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