Why Train with the UK Centre of Excellence?

Principal Trainer Rick Maczka has been training people from all walks of life since 1994. He has formed a team to provide the best possible training’s in the world of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Best of all it is a collection of friends who have all worked together in the past to achieve excellence in their chosen fields. The sum of the parts always being greater then its whole has blended many talented professionals, whose passion is to create something worthwhile and valuable to others.
With the aim of creating something of excellence for the students to experience. You will get unlimited supervision and support post training also, normally Rick charges £75 per hour for supervision, to you it is FREE.

Why the 6 day Fast Track?

The 6 day fast track will suit those who want a full immersion into study and have an opportunity to live the material for a period of time. It can save time if your weekends are precious and you want to get on with putting your new found skills into practice ASAP. The whole 6 day training is led by Rick Maczka and due to the tendency for small groups on these fast track course’s means you get high level feedback and encouragement from an experienced highly qualified trainer who really knows his subjects practically and theoretically from real world experience.

How do you fit it all in?
During the course I will be teaching to both your conscious mind and your unconscious, using the latest in accelerated learning techniques. The training is delivered in a light, and fun way to make your educational experience as comfortable and easy as is realistically possible. Since in NLP we believe there is “no failure only feedback” we aim to make the learning experience as safe and supportive as possible for all involved, so you can become the best you can be. Every good teacher hopes that his students become exemplars in their chosen field, if not more successful and better than their teacher. You will be given 6 hours or more of audio material on setting up in practice also. You will be supplied, upon booking your place on the course, audio material to facilitate your learning, plus a manual and a book to read. The actual contact time with myself will help you to catch the spirit, or flavour of NLP. You will have practice during the training and direct feedback, enabling you to develop a ‘Positive Attitude’ for success. You will have a manual to keep and refer to during your training, plus the audio material. Rick provides ‘Free’ email supervision, and telephone support , or one to one Support, during and after the course when ever possible, to enable you to successfully take the training into all areas of your life. If you wish to speak to other students about their learning experience I’m happy to pass on contact details. A face to face meeting prior to training is also possible with Rick to enable your decision making on booking this training.

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