Homeopathy is an energy medicine that encourages the body to activate its natural healing processes.

When the cause of a condition is established and any blockages to cure are removed a rapid response can be achieved with the aim of reducing reliance on medication.

Safe for: children, during pregnancy and the elderly.

Treatment begins with an in-depth consultation to map out your health timeline, examining where issues first presented themselves and look into what could be maintaining the presenting symptoms / conditions.

Remedies can then be prescribed which will help to direct the body back to a state of equilibrium. Bach Flower Remedies, dietary and/or herbal supplement advice may also be included to help achieve the best results from your course of treatment.

Possible reactions: sometimes symptoms may seem to get worse before they get better / old symptoms may even return after years of disappearing, but this is a positive sign that the body is working to cleanse itself of previously suppressed symptoms.

Bach Flower Remedies are an extension of homeopathy. Dr Bach worked with 38 plant species to establish the system we use today. Many people are already familiar with the benefits of using the Rescue Remedy which can be found in most pharmacies. A practitioner will individualise which remedies from the 38 are specifically needed by their patient.

1st Appointment: 90 mins £65 (Children £55 for up to 90 mins)


Follow Up Appointments: 60 mins £45 (Children £35)

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Appointments are available outside of reception hours

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