Hair removal

Electrolysis is the only medically approved form of permanent hair removal.

A course of treatment will permanently remove hair growth when performed by skilled and experienced practitioners.

Electrolysis has the longest known track record together with the most effective results for permanent hair removal. Dr Charles Michel first used it successfully in 1875 to remove ingrown eyelashes. He discovered that once the follicle had been treated with electrolysis the hair was permanently destroyed.

For over 100 years, electrolysis has been recognised as a safe, reliable method of treating all skin and hair types. Many new treatments for hair reduction or non-permanent hair removal have emerged over the years; electrolysis has remained the only treatment to achieve permanent and complete eradication of unwanted hair when performed by a skilled, experienced practitioner.

Initial Consultation: identification of blemishes / patch testing / home care products / 30 min £30

Treatment: 15 mins £30 / 20 mins £40 / 30 mins £60 / 45 mins £90 / 60 mins £120

Blemish removal

An Advanced Cosmetic Procedure (ACP) for skin blemish removal is the most effective and safe method of removing Skin Tags, Milia, Moles, Blood Spots, Spider Veins & Seborrhoeic Keratosis permanently without any scars and marks.

Passing an electric current through the skin ‘dries up’ and destroys the vessel so that it gradually shrinks and disappears.

Initial Consultation: 30 mins £30

Treatment: 15 mins £60 / 30 mins £120 / 45 mins £180 / 60 mins £240


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